Anyone who’s heard her speak will tell you:       Tania Haigh is first and foremost a master of inspiration.

Whether it’s to pitch a fresh marketing strategy, inspire women at a personal branding workshop, or counsel parents on how to prevent childhood sex abuse – Tania powers her presentations with 100% pure authenticity.

Tania’s corporate-trained, charisma-laced business savvy led her to open Magnolia Insights –a nimble marketing agency that imbues every brand it touches with elegance and flair.  Just three years later Tania graduated from entrepreneur to thought leader.

Some call her “the mistress of women’s empowerment."

Tania has parlayed her business acumen into developing and curating events that inform and inspire. Her GET NOTICED workshop series elevates women by extracting their authenticity through custom personal branding tools. Tania is regularly invited to contribute to industry publications like Franchising USA and present at forums like the American Marketing Association. The GET NOTICED brand has grown so rapidly that the upcoming June 2018 event will run for an entire week.

Others know her as an “activist catalyst”.

Tania is also the founder and three-time curator of TEDxOakParkWomen – a sold out phenomenon that sparks transformational activism long after the standing ovation. Tania’s most ardent activism has been in child sex abuse prevention. In 2017 she co-founded P.A.X.A. (Parents Against Child Sex Abuse) to help parents uncover, heal from, and prevent sexual abuse of their children. She’s helped hundreds of women channel their protective maternal instincts to protect their children from sexual predators. As a Honduran-Italian American Tania is also known for exposing opportunities for women of color.

All agree she’s a synergist with style.

Tania’s ever-evolving evocative style surprises every time, but the results of her presentations are always consistent:  they bring people together.  Tania has a natural knack for creating synergy between speakers, and between speakers and audiences.  Whether it’s presenting branding strategies for business transformation, personal branding for women’s elevation, or instruction for child sex abuse prevention, when Tania’s hosting the room comes alive.